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In ancient times, Beauty was identified with Proportion.

Starting from Pythagoras and its school, in the sixth Century B.C., was born an aesthetic-mathematical vision of the universe: everything exists because reflects an order.

The number becomes the principle of everything and the main number of nature is FOUR.

The cardinal points, the main winds, the phases of the moon, the seasons, the elements are all four.

Even the human body is ascribed to the number four, since the width of the man with open arms is attributable to his height, thus giving the base and the height of an ideal framework.

So, four is the number of proportion, harmony, symmetry, balance, stability: in short, the formula of Wellness and Beauty.

4 Stars

60 Rooms

250 Sleeping accomodations

2000 Happy Customers

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Il top a Catania Consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliono vivere del buon relax in una struttura fatta veramente bene! Miglior centro benessere a Catania. Ci tornerei altre 1000 volte!
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Peppe G.
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Una bellissima sistemazione per tutti motivi: spa, lavoro, vacanza relax La camera vista mare è spaziosissima e con un balcone molto confortevole. Pulizia ottima.
resort hotel catania 4spa recensione

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Stupendo e ideale per soggiorno di lavoro Prima volta in questo Hotel e mi hanno trattato da pascià! Hotel Moderno con piscina, una meravigliosa SPA e ristorante con tavoli bordo piscina.
resort hotel catania 4spa recensione

Sciuto Sat.
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